All Day Menu

“An amazing collection of street-food inspired dishes from Southeast Asia, with Malay, Singaporean, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as Chinese and Indian, and mouth-watering iconic Southeast Asian flavours that include coconut, Thai basil, chillies and kaffir lime.”

– Asian Dreams

Lunch Specials 12pm-2.30pm

Vietnamese “pho bo” 150
with twice cooked beef, rice noodles, Thai basil & Hanoi chilli sauce

Soft shell crab Pad Thai 150
egg net with rice noodle, peanuts, dried shrimp, pickled turnip, banana blossom & bean sprouts

Hainanese chiken rice 150
with yellow bean dressing, cucumber, pickled ginger & chicken soup

“Tom yum” 150
of prawn & squid with lemongrass, galangal, chilli jam & flat leaf coriander

Crispy lemongrass chicken 150
with green mango and papaya som tum, served with a sweet chilli sauce

Small Plates & Salads

Tuna betel leaf 45/pc
with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah and bumbu pasih

Vegetables samosa 50
with potato, green pea, curry leaf, served with green chutney & tamarind jam

Prawn siew mai 75
with Tobiko & chilli sauce

Pork & prawn spring rolls 75
with sweet chilli sauce

Crispy chicken dumpling 75
with carrot, coriander & chilli mayo

“Larb moo” 90
spicy Chiang Mai larb salad of pork, shallot, Thai basil, mint, green shallot and roasted rice

Seared duck salad 90
with green mango, banana blossom, shallot, Thai basil and chilli jam dressing

Chicken & palm heart salad 90
with tomato cherry, green shallot, white onion, mint leaf, Asian celery, lemongrass and red nam jim

Tuna tataki 99
with ruby grapefruit ponzu, daikon, avocado & flying fish roe

Popcorn shrimp 99
with togarashi & smoked chilli mayo

Chinatown style salt & pepper squid 120
served with Vietnamese dipping sauce

Prawn & pomelo salad 120
with lime leaf, white coral mushroom, sesame seed & pork floss

“Halong bay” chilli salt soft shell crab 140
with cracked duck egg “nuoc cham“

Grilled beef 140
with salad of shredded carrot, green mango, lemongrass, mint, Thai basil & sesame dressing

Signature crispy pork belly 145
with Szechuan chilli salt, tamarillo and tamarind sauce

Large Plates

Stir fried squid 140
with chilli jam, cashew nuts, long bean, baby corn & Thai basil

Malaysian style “char kway teow” 140
of prawn with bean sprout, chive & sambal belacan

Stir fried salted pork belly 150
with yellow bean, garlic, chilli & gailan

Massaman curry 150
with chicken, shallot, pumpkin, potato, peanuts & tamarind

Steamed “ikan bumbu kuning” 150
red snapper with green and red tomatoes, lemon basil, chilli, charred sweet corn and sambal dabu dabu

“Gaeng ped” 155
red curry of duck with longan, pea, eggplant and cherry tomato

Roasted Peking duck 160
with steamed choy sum red bean sauce & mandarin pancake

“Tongseng kambing” 170
slow braised lamb wrapped in cabbage with tomato, lime leaf and chilli, served with sambal pedas

Green curry of beef 180
with long bean, apple eggplant & Thai basil

Slow cooked beef cheek rendang 180
with Sumatran spices and coconut milk

Crispy gourami fish 180
with kaffir lime, ginger, holy basil, sweet chilli & tamarind sauce

Prawn & chicken kung pao 195
with dry red chilli, cashew nut & Szechuan pepper

Lamb saag 199
with spinach, tomato, kasoori methi, Indian spices & broken burrata

“Dengdeng balado” 200
caramelized Wagyu beef cheek with green mango salad, lemongrass, kaffir lime, chili & lemon basil

Crispy confit pork hock on the bone 360
with nam jim jaew & nam pla prik


Jasmine rice 20

Roti canai 30

Stir fried water spinach with garlic 35

Stir fried Asian greens 50

Stir fried rice 50
with egg, green peas, sweet corn & green shallot


Deep fried ice cream 60
with Nutella

Creme brulee 60
with espresso affogato

Pavlova 75
crispy meringue with mango mousse, passion fruit coulis, mixed berries & coconut ice cream

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