Cocktails & Drinks

“On the second floor of Mama San, is an austere lounge with a voluminous cocktail menu starring drinks made with mostly regional ingredients. The ambience, while moody, is very comfortable, making Mama San the perfect cocktail bar to while away a hot Balinese evening”

– Lifestyle Asia


Strawberry Basil Spritz 130
gin, strawberry, basil, rose cordial water, vanilla, citrus, Prosseco
Espresso Martini 130
vodka, Kahlua, espresso

Elderflower Martini 130
gin, cucumber, citrus, elderflower, mint

Chilli & Lime Margarita 130
tequila, honey, pressed citrus, pineapple, chilli
Passion Fruit Margarita 130
tequila, fresh passion fruit, passion fruit puree, citrus, honey blossom

Coconut Mojito 130
rum, coconut water, syrup, mint, citrus

Raspberry Mojito 130
rum, raspberry puree, syrup, mint, citrus
Classic Negroni 140
gin, Campari, vermouth sweet

Aged Negroni 150
gin, vermouth rosso, Campari, aged in wooden barrel

Beers, Soft Drinks, Water


KURA KURA, IND, Bali (Island Ale) 109
A bright golden & seasonable pale ale with fresh hops aroma of citrus, pineapple & passionfruit
KURA KURA, IND, Bali (Lager) 99
German style pilsner with soft notes of bread & honey accompanied by floral hops aromas – finishing crisp & dry
TUATARA, NZ (Bohemian Pilsner) 105
Crisp, firm bodied with notes of citrus and grass. Good hop bitterness and refreshingly dry finish


Bintang (INA) 50
Heineken (NED) 60
San Miguel Light (INA) 66
Cider Albens (INA) 95


Coca Cola 30
Diet Coke 30
Coke Zero 30
Sprite 30
Tonic water 30
Ginger Ale 30
Club soda 30


Equil sparkling 380ml/760ml 35/65
Equil natural 380ml/760ml 40/80

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