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Bring in the ‘Year of the Tiger’ with an amazing celebration at Mama San!

From Jan 29th to Feb 1st (Lunch & Dinner), tuck into some of the tastiest food on the island! Mama has pulled out all the stops for Lunar New Year this year with a lot of exclusive signature dishes on her menu!

Here you’ll be able to gorge yourself silly on some lip-smackingly good dumplings, Kung Pao lobster and steamed whole fish!

Rustled-up dishes will also include Mama San’s famous Roast Duck with plum sauce (unless you’re looking to go full hog this year with her Chinese Crispy Pork Belly?), and a colorful You Sheng – a prosperity-bringing salad traditionally eaten at Lunar New Year.

Mama San is the perfect place to celebrate!


Vegetable spring roll


Pork & prawn spring roll


Prawn siew mai


Fish dumpling


Steamed pork baozi


Vegetable spring roll

Fish dumpling

❂ Salad ❂

According to Chinese legend, the goddess Nu Wa spent six days creating animals out of mud, while on the seventh she created humanity.

Ren Ri, the Day of Humankind, is correspondingly celebrated on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. To celebrate this day, the Chinese hence enjoy a special dish comprising seven symbolic delicacies, which we know as Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng Salad

with smoked salmon, crispy noodle & mix of vegetables with plum dressing

When we eat Yu Sheng, the ritual is to toss the mixed ingredients high in the air with a shout of “Loh Hey!” and other auspicious wishes. This literally means to “move upwards”, a symbol for our fortune to rise and expand in this new year. This is why we stand up and toss the ingredients together. The higher, the better!

Yu Sheng usually comprises strips of raw fish (commonly salmon), shredded vegetables and other ingredients which are mixed together thoroughly when the dish is eaten. The taste of the dish is enhanced by its special sauce which imparts a distinctive flavour. It is symbolic of good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious.

Story originally published by Goodie Feed Singapore

鱼生 Yu Sheng salad: “Loh Hey!”


Crispy Chinese pork belly

with Hanoi sauce, sweet chili sauce & black bean sauce

Grilled pork ribs

with Asian barbecue sauce served with half boiled duck egg & Hainan rice

Roasted duck

with plum sauce (half/whole duck)

Crispy pork hock

served with Mama San signature sauce

Baby lobster & chicken kung pao

served with cashew nut & capsicum

Roasted Peking duck

with steamed choy sum, red bean sauce & Mandarin pancakes

Steamed whole fish

with mushroom, ginger & soy sauce

Crispy Chinese pork belly

Roasted duck

Baby lobster & chicken Kung Pao

Steamed whole fish


Steamed bok choy with garlic 55
Stir fried kailan with garlic & oyster sauce 55
Stir fried rice with duck, pineapple & five spice 100


Mandarin panacotta 85