Sunday | Dim Sum

Every Sunday, lunch and dinner

Mama has got fillings for you!
Sunday 12pm-3.30pm | 6.00pm-8.30pm
Booking recommended!
Enjoy your selection of signatures:
⇢ Vegetables samosa
⇢ Prawn siew mai
⇢ Pork & prawn spring rolls
⇢ Crispy chicken dumpling
⇢ Steamed prawn “har gow”
⇢ Crystal jade dumpling
⇢ Thai style curry puffs
⇢ “Hoi Cho” crab meat rolls dumpling
⇢ Peking duck & five spice hoisin steamed buns
⇢ Lamb & pumpkin pot stickers
⇢ Steamed “Baozi”
⇢ Popcorn shrimp

Vegetables samosa 50
with potato, green pea, curry leaf served with green chutney & tamarind jam

Prawn siew mai 75
with Tobiko & chilli sauce
Pork & prawn spring rolls 75
with sweet chilli sauce
Crispy chicken dumpling 75
with carrot, coriander & chilli mayo
Steamed prawn “har gow” 75
with homemade chilli sauce
Crystal jade dumpling 75
steamed prawn and garlic in a green jade wrapper
Thai style curry puffs 75
with curry powder, sweet potato, pumpkin, coriander & sweet chilli sauce
“Hoi Cho” 75
crab meat rolls dumpling with chicken & prawn, salted plum sauce, smoke chilli & micro green
Peking duck steamed bun 75
with five spice hoisin and sriracha sauce
Lamb & pumpkin pot stickers 75
with chilli oil, sweet soya, chilli bean soyu & black vinegar
Steamed baozi 85
Shanghai style pork and chive bread dumplings, pan seared, served with chilli oil, Korean chilli paste, sesame seed & shoyu
Popcorn shrimp 99
with togarashi & smoked chilli mayo
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