Melissa Palinkas Takeover @Supper Club 29-30 JULY 2023

Grab your diary – something special is coming to Mama San this July. The Seminyak institution is opening a brand new restaurant upstairs, welcoming late night haunt Supper Club.

To mark this mementous occasion, celebrated chef Melissa Palinkas will be invading the space for a special event on July 29 and 30.

The visionary behind Young George in Perth, Melissa brings her sustainable and zero-waste ethos with her infusing it with Mama San’s much-loved Asian inspirations. The result is a unique culinary journey, where tradition meets revolution on the plate.

The specialty seven-course menu will be available to enjoy across two separate sittings, taking place at 6.00pm and 8.00pm on both dates with a wine pairing option.

A precursor to our grand opening, this event is a tasty gateway to the extraordinary that lies ahead. We’re merging Perth and Asia, the local and the exotic, to introduce a novel concept that redefines dining. Mama San’s Supper Club is more than a restaurant – it’s a celebration of sustainable cuisine, an adventure for your taste buds, and a home for culinary innovation.


About Melissa Palinkas

Chef Melissa Palinkas is a culinary innovator revered for her enduring creativity and relentless pursuit of sustainability. Proudly earning the title of WAGFG 2019 Chef of the Year, Melissa has cemented her name in the culinary landscape with a vision that champions seasonal, ethical, and zero-waste cooking. The visionary and force behind Young George in East Fremantle, she has fashioned a unique space that pushes the boundaries of traditional dining and leads the way in the zero-waste movement in Perth. Her culinary style first and foremost respects produce – every ingredient, from nose to tail and root to tip, is thoughtfully utilised.

Playful yet refined, Melissa’s dishes integrate global flavors with local produce, manifesting a dining experience that leaves diners not just satiated, but inspired. Her distinct gastronomical voice and tireless dedication to her craft have made her a respected figure among peers and food lovers alike.

Melissa Palinkas isn’t just a chef; she is a trailblazer, a leader in sustainable cooking, and an influential figure in the ever-evolving Australian food scene. This collaboration with Chef Will Meyrick is a testament to her prowess and her unyielding commitment to culinary innovation.