The Tasting Club,

Conceived to offer diners the next level of sophistication in modern dining.

The Tasting Club

On Mama San’s second level a redesign of space introduces interactive dining that includes dialogue with chefs who prepare food in the style of bartender, engaging diners on their preferences and offering suggestions. The setting is intimate yet modern with a flow between creator and consumer, between kitchen and table and between dining and drinking. Cocktails designed to compliment the food and stimulate the appetite are drawn from the classics, served with a slight twist in specially designed crystal glass.

Conceived to offer diners the next level of sophistication in modern dining brings innovative ideas together with a curated menu that introduces the flavors of Asia interwoven with distinct hill tribe influences.

Much of the inspiration for Tasting Club menu derives from the extensive epicurean travels taken by Executive Chef Will Meyrick and the dedication to innovation and perfection from Chef Shannon Smerdon. The menu exalts a culture of cuisine craft where textural elements are as important as taste and visual delight is as vital as quality produce.

Mamasan Tasting Club dishes reflect the increasingly high quality produce available in Bali and offer a unique insight into the complexity of flavors associated with regional cooking of Sichaun, Shan and Hmong provinces.