The Menu

Our chefs love to create amazing fusion of flavours. At Mama San you will always find an occasion to share. Join us today for lunch or dinner and celebrate in style.


  • Steamed snapper dumplings 
    with chili & black bean oil
  • Lamb & pumpkin pot sticker
    with chili oil & black vinegar
  • Pork & chive Shanghai pot stickers
    with chili oil and black vinegar
  • Crispy chicken dumpling
    with carrot coriander & chili mayo
  • Prawn dumpling
    with cashew nuts green shallot & Sichuan dressing


  • Roasted Peking duck
    with steamed choy sum red bean sauce & mandarin pancake
  • Halong Bay chili salt soft shell crab
    with cracked duck egg Nuoc Cham dressing
  • Steamed open Bak Pao
    with crispy pork belly fresh herbs & cabbage kimchi
  • “Cha La lot”
    Vietnamese grilled minced pork belly wrapped in betel leaves with Nuoc Cham
  • Pork & prawn spring rolls
    with sweet chili sauce
  • Vegetables samosa
    with potatoes green peas curry leaf served with green chutney & tamarind jam


  • Lamb san choy bao
    with shitake mushroom garlic chive beansprout chili bean and lettuce cups
  • “Chatuchak”
    crispy pork ribs with green mango peanuts & Nam Yam dressing
  • Grilled Thai beef salad
    with cherry tomato mint Thai basil cucumber lemongrass peanuts with hot & sour dressing
  • Prawn & pomelo salad
    with lime leaf white coral mushroom sesame seed & pork floss
  • Sugarcane prawns DIY
    with rice paper rolls kaffir lime sweet chili & Nuoc Cham
  • Shredded chicken
    with choko palm heart Vietnamese mint shiso leaf sesame seed & peanuts

Meats & Poultry

  • Kandar slow braised lamb shank
    marinated in meat masala green chili tomato yoghurt & coriander
  • “Dendeng balado”
    caramelized beef with green mango lemongrass kaffir lime chili & lemon basil
  • Slow cooked beef rendang
    with Sumatran spice and coconut milk
  • Crispy salted pork
    with yellow bean garlic chili & gailan
  • Massaman curry
    with chicken shallot pumpkin potato peanuts & tamarind
  • Crispy lemongrass chicken
    with green mango papaya som tum & sweet chili sauce
  • Malaysian chicken masala
    simmered in tomato gravy with cardamom cinnamon & cloves
  • Stir fried minced beef
    with Yunnan spices Thai basil egg noodles & clear soup
  • Hainanese chicken/duck rice
    with yellow bean dressing cucumber pickled ginger & chicken soup
  • Stir fried chicken
    minced with holy basil sweet soy garlic & chili
  • Vietnamese “pho bo”
    with twice cooked beef rice noodles Thai basil & Hanoi chilli sauce
  • Roasted duck
    with Shanghai noodles duck wonton & bok choy
  • Char sui pork noodles soup
    with pork dumpling gailan & beansprout


  • Crispy whole fish
    with kaffir lime ginger holy basil sweet chili & tamarind sauce
  • Siamese prawn curry
    with pineapple kaffir lime coconut milk & Thai basil
  • Stir fried snapper
    with chili jam cashew nuts long bean baby corn & Thai basil
  • Prawn Pad Thai egg net
    with rice noodle peanuts dried shrimp pickled turnip banana blossom beansprouts
  • Black pepper fish curry
    with fenugreek okra curry leaf & coconut milk
  • Hanoi steamed barramundi
    with miso lime chili green shallot peanuts & sesame seeds
  • “Tom Yum” of prawn & squid
    with lemongrass galangal chili jam & flat leaf coriander
  • China town style salt & pepper squid
    served with Vietnamese dipping sauce


  • Stir fried rice with duck pineapple Asian celery cherry tomato spring onion
  • Southern Indian sambar curry of vegetables dahl tamarind & coriander
  • Stir fried Asian greens
  • Stir fried Sichuan braised eggplant with capsicum ginger & dark soy
  • Stir fried rice with egg green peas sweet corn & green shallot
  • Stir fried water spinach with garlic
  • Roti canai
  • Jasmine rice